Dr. Rasoolzadegan


Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Quantitative Measurement of Software Flexibility            0000-00-00
2    Quantitative Measurement of Software Reliability            0000-00-00
3    Improving Software Voters for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems    M.Sc.    Rezaei, Mohammadreza    2014-11-02
4    Mining Optimal Execution Trace from Event Logs    Ph.D    Pourmasoumi Hassankiadeh, Asef    2014-12-10
5    Process Similarity Assessment Using Ontology Matching    M.Sc.    SADEGHIANASL, SAREH    2015-06-02
6    Improving Effectiveness of Software Fault Tolerance Techniques Using Static Analysis in The Safety Critical Embedded Systems    M.Sc.    nezamdoost, somayeh    2015-09-15
7    Software failure prediction using Fuzzy Hidden Semi-Markov Model    M.Sc.    Heidary, Mostafa    2015-09-19
8    A Framework for Representing and Evaluation of Network Security Risks    Ph.D    Rezaee, Razieh    2015-11-04
9    A new method to improve the quality of design patterns detection in code    M.Sc.    shahbazi, zeynab    2016-05-14
10    Increasing quality of process mining event log using the bin log of database    M.Sc.    ghalibafan, shokoufeh    2016-06-05
11    A New Approach for Quantitative Measurement of Software Quality from the Perspective of Qualitative Attributes Affected by Design Patterns    M.Sc.    monfared, saeideh    2016-07-10
12    Process similarity measuring using Tree similarity    M.Sc.    sakhdari, jalal    2016-07-10
13    A New Method for Improving the Quality of GoF Design Patterns Selection    M.Sc.    Rahmati, Raheleh    2016-09-18
14    A New Approach to Address The Equivalent Mutants Problem in Mutation Testing    M.Sc.    Houshmand, Mahdi    2017-01-15
15    A new method to mine design patterns and anti-patterns from the source code    Ph.D    Bafandeh Mayvan, Bahareh    2017-03-01
16    A new method for specifying Bad Smells and Anti-Patterns in the both levels of code and model    M.Sc.    ghavidel yazdi, zahra    2017-03-08
17    Design combined web services for providing municipal services    M.Sc.    Alhwayzee, Ali    2017-05-20
18    A new method to apply design patterns to the source-code for software refactoring    M.Sc.    khosravi, haniye    2017-07-02
19    Augmenting Security Patterns with Object Oriented Design Quality Factors    M.Sc.    Javan Jafari, Abbas    2017-07-08
20    Proposing a new classification for anti-patterns    M.Sc.    KOULI, MARIAM    2017-09-24
21    Correlation of security event streams for detecting complex multi-step attacks    Ph.D    Ahmadian Ramaki, Ali    2017-12-21